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Digital Marketing Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Many small businesses in Australia are finding it hard to grow because of the economy slowing down, leaving many business owners to face challenges every day. Recent changes to the Australian Budget Report 2018-19 suggests small to medium businesses will become more competitive so they can grow and will create more jobs. But for businesses to grow in such a competitive environment, digital marketing is key in leveraging a brand. When asking business owners on integrating a digital marketing strategy, we have found many refusing the idea due to how time and cost sensitive they are. Yet many clients who have come on board with Muscle Media have found digital marketing to be a crucial financial investment to their business growth.


Australia’s most successful businessman and entrepreneur, Mark Bouris says Australia’s small businesses are doing it tough and he wants to help them on his show “The Mentor”. Bouris focuses on mentoring small business owners who are struggling with their business and show them ways to take their business to the next level. On a recent episode Bouris guides Kim a Sydney Florist, who was struggling financially to keep her business going and when asked if she was active on her social-media channels, Bouris strongly advised that “Social Media presence is a non-negotiable… It’s an essential marketing tool for any retail business these days.” In this episode we can see the importance of digital marketing playing a great part to small business growth. It is an easy way to promote yourself and your business and your ideas. 71% of small businesses already use social media content to acquire customers, and 75% of small business owners have included Facebook in their social media strategy.


Like most small business owners out there Kim was struggling financially to invest in a marketing consultant and working 17 hours a day. Cost and time are the two main reasons stopping many small business owners going ahead with digital marketing. Digital marketing shouldn’t be viewed as a cost but an investment. If done properly you will get a return on your investment and you will expect results short-term and in the long-term to compete against bigger companies, where time and cost  will no longer become a problem. If you are a business owner then you need to be constantly growing your business, because you can be assured that your competitors will be. The digital marketing packages and the coaching we have at Muscle Media has the right structure and teaches small businesses to go up against competitors. Let us know your budget and the time that best suits you!







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