white hat seo

The goal of every SEO action is to increase the visibility of your content. In life, there are two approaches – one is the do it quick, short cut approach and the other is the planned long haul approach. These definitions best explain the black hat and white hat approach to SEO.  White hat highlights a method that follows Google rules of search engine optimisation, while black hat on the other hand is about bending and bypassing Google rules on SEO. The common ground both methods share is that they want to still arrive at the same destination, whilst doing it differently.


White SEO is the way to build a long term online business. It focuses more on organic growth. It’s about giving the most quality content and making accessing them simple by following the simple search engine rules. The biggest and most successful brands usually chooses to use the white hat methods, as it emphasizes more on the production of quality content and organic audience. Opting for the white hat method requires taking note of some vital points, which includes:

Meta description: a site’s Meta description is the first couple of sentences that appear in the search results just under the page title. The Meta description shouldn’t be overstuffed with keywords. When designing a website, each page contains a space between the head tags to insert Meta data or description of your page. Iit is your site’s window display which encourages people to click on the link. Usually, a good Meta description contains two full sentences.

Effective keyword use: the use of keywords is now more about the meaning then the actual words these days. Google has gotten clever over the years, so jamming your keywords into your content will only negatively affect your SEO rankings rather than improve them.  Google now interprets keywords that even checks the synonyms of the words. Just make sure your keywords are strategically placed in important places that include the headlines, Meta description and URL. In the body of the content, few mentions of the keyword is enough. You don’t have to bombard the reader with your keywords.

Quality content: quality content is the foremost driver of search engine rankings. Quality content produced for your target audience usually increases site traffic, this in turn increases your site’s relevance. The amount of time visitors spend on your website will affect your SEO ranking. When you produce quality content, visitors tend to spend more time to consume the information. Coming up with great content is not easy but it will make you stand out from the crowd. It is the foundation of any successful SEO content. Originality and relevancy of content is key, also avoidance of spelling and grammatical errors.

Using relevant internal links: creating links within your content and site usually indicates that your site has value. Create links to valuable contents and pages will help your page traffic and ultimately your SEO rankings.

Muscle Media strongly support the use of White Hat SEO strategies when running any successful marketing campaign. We ensure that the services we provide in Digital Marketing Australia and throughout local areas such as Brisbane as well are 100% ethical and up to standards of all platforms and marketing tools that we use such as Facebook, Google and other marketing avenues.

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