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In the previous post we gave an introduction into the white hat and black hat approach of search engine optimisation. We further went on to focus on the white hat technique, taking a look into how you will go about it and things you will do to achieve optimal rating with it. In this post, we take a look into the black hat technique. The black hat approach is more about short cuts, by passing protocols, jumping rules to make your site one of the top ranked sites on search engine. This type of technique results more in spams, poor quality contents on pages that run the risk of getting banned fast. More times, it leads to punishment for the marketer and also puts him/her at a risk of not building something in the future. On the monetary side, it might lead to a few more bucks but that also depends on the marketer’s continuous update on search engine knowledge and creativity on how to by-pass the rules. The black hat technique is pretty easy to implement, that explains the reason why it is a get-ranked quick scheme. It holds the villain role in the SEO world and marketers who practice this method are usually seen as outlaws of the SEO world.

Let’s take a look into some of the strategies that form the black hat approach:

  • Unconnected keywords: using keywords that are not related to your content is a dubious way of getting undeserved attention on your website. Using keywords in an inappropriate context. Search engines detect this and when they eventually do, it will eventually lead to your site or post getting a red flag which can ultimately lead into a ban for your website.
  • Duplicate content: a duplicate content is a content that was copied from other sources and then pasted as an original content on your site. Like we noted when talking about the white hat approach, the value of unique and quality content cannot be underestimated. It gives users a solution to the problems they are looking to solve, without infringing on any rule. Content duplication is classified as one of the most deadly black hat techniques and is strictly frowned upon by search engines.
  • Cloaking: this SEO method is ranked as one of the most deceptive methods of getting traffic and ranking for a site. Cloaking is presenting a completely different content than what your URL suggest to the visitors and search engine. It is about serving people with irrelevant results from what they are looking for. It is highly frowned upon by search engines.
  • Comment automation: ever had of the phrase “spam comment”?  It is a set of automated comments that are usually gotten from bots and usually carry a link unrelated to the original content. Lately, it has become one of the most popular black hat practices. Although, there are tools available to prevent this.

Muscle Media strongly prohibits Black Hat SEO strategies and make sure that we do pure White Hat when running any successful marketing campaign. We ensure that the services we provide in Digital Marketing Brisbane Australia and throughout local areas such as Brisbane as well are 100% ethical and up to standards of all platforms and marketing tools that we use such as Facebook, Google and other marketing avenues.

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