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Inside Halo Top’s Marketing Phenomenon

Before Halo Top became no.1 in their industry, they were on the verge of death.

The question that many business owners were left wondering was how a business started with a $250,000 debt, transformed into a top selling new food brand in 2017 with booming sales of $342.2 million with the help of digital marketing. At the rate of growth that their business is going seems almost impossible, given that their sales grew 2,500 per cent year on year making multi-national food producers scared about their own business.

Backtracking to the beginning of their success, Woolverton the founder of Halo Top was able to raise $1 million, worked with a university to redesign their brand and packaging, and improve their recipe in 2015. So, with a better billboard and a better product, in 2016 things slowly started to pick up and people started talking about Halo Top. An article came out on GQ where a guy ate nothing but Halo Top for 10 days and once the word got out there, business grew quickly and started dominating Ben & Jerry and Haagen-Daz. Halo Top’s growth reflects the market’s growing desire to shop for healthy unique products, where the health category grew by 85 percent last year.


So, the question we’ve all been wondering is “What sort of marketing strategy has Halo Top used to make their way to the top?”

Halo Top started off really focused on digital and social, with more than 90 per cent of their efforts on Facebook and Instagram. Seeing as the millennial market is their main buyers, rather using outdated traditional media, the brand uses social media strategies. Social media was the most cost-effective way to help launch their 5-year-old brand worldwide without spending money on advertising. Halo Top was able to spread the word about their brand and provide avenues for loyal customers to promote their message. Social media and word-of-mouth marketing were key in growing Halo Top’s empire. They use their Instagram account to connect with their consumers and leverage their brand with organic social posts. Their content emphasises their packaging with photos and GIFS, and pops of colours. Communicating health conscious and conversational messages on Instagram helped with their engagement to resonate with their customers.


They now use Facebook ads to target customers demographically, psychographically and geographically. Statistics show that social media costs $2.50 per thousand impressions, while direct mail costs $57 and TV costs $28 per thousand impressions. They are also collaborating with influential fitness gurus to promote their product, where they gift their products to online fitness influencers who post photos of themselves holding a tub of ice cream. Halo Top also do give-aways and competitions. Both of these strategies are cost effective and spreads the word about their products to a great number of consumers.


Their strategy:

  1. Post Ads on Social Media
  2. Create an Authentic Brand Personality
  3. Collaborate with Influencers
  4. Emphasize Uniqueness and brand personality


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