Remarketing: Putting your Business in Front of Your Customers and Competitors

Have you ever had the feeling that there are businesses that come back and haunt you on the internet? Reminding you of that product or service you were checking out a week ago? You are browsing online and suddenly noticed an ad pop up on your Facebook feed for the espresso machine you were looking at on eBay? That is no coincident. You were targeted by a remarketing campaign.


Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is the practice of marketing a product or service to customers who have previously been exposed to the product or service through ads. This method allows businesses to heavily target people who have shown some level of interest in their business. It tracks user’s specific actions and places ads in front of them when they are browsing on other sites, and the chances of them visiting your competitor’s searching for similar products or services are high. It is a very effective marketing weapon that every business should implement in their online strategy.


Your business can be at the forefront of competition and number 1 on Google, but that does not mean your visitors will eventually buy from you if you have no tactic up your sleeves to keep them interested. Without remarketing, your potential customers are essentially lost to you after getting to your site following a search results or a referral.


Did you know that nearly 75% of people who add something to an online shopping cart abandon the website without making a purchase? Many e-commerce businesses are facing this challenge every day and are seeking for help from digital marketing Brisbane professionals to give them a hand. Whether it’s a shopping cart, a web form, or some other type of online conversion you are pushing, the fact remains that most people who visit the page will not convert. Abandoners can be hot prospects and businesses spend a lot of money trying to re-engage them, so they will come back to the site and finish what they started. So how can we leverage these “abandoners” into more conversions and sales? Here are a few types of remarketing strategies to help you out:


  1. Site retargeting shows ads to people who visited your site but left without converting. It is simply the process of using data to bring back your visitors to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase conversions and drive brand awareness.


  1. Social media retargetingdisplays ads on social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram through text, imagery or video form. It also allows you to be specific with your audience segmentation targeting and ad placement.


  1. Search retargetingallows you to show your ads to users who have previously searched for keywords that are related to your business but have never visited your website. It allows you to reach entirely new customers for your business.


  1. Email/ CRM retargetingoccurs when emails are automatically sent to a user after they visit and leave a website without making a purchase.  When a user opens the email, a cookie is stored in his browser. Using that cookie, the user is identified when they browse other websites or social networks and sees your ad.


  1. Remarketing lists for search adsare a newer form of retargeting run through Google AdWords, which enables specific text ads to appear when someone searches via a search engine. If the search is relevant to a past product or service viewed online, the appropriate text ads will appear.


These are the most effective form of marketing in the current digital era. If there can only be one powerful tip for us to share with our clients, it would definitely be retargeting strategies. It’s current, it’s trending and it’s converting prospect customers. We are a digital marketing Brisbane agency with proven past results of increasing our client’s conversion rates through remarketing strategies. We help small to medium businesses capture high quality leads and convert them into buyers.

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