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How we got our client NO.1 on Google with Digital Marketing

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Every business owner dreams of ranking number one on Google. Reaching that top spot would mean increased traffic to the website, indicate credibility to gain customer trust to then create potential sales ahead of competitors. Getting a website to appear on the first page of Google through digital marketing is one of the most coveted achievement for any small business owner. About 91% do not click past the first page of Google search results, so if your website does not appear on the first page, you are missing out on a number of potential customers and your competitors got those leads just because of your Google ranking.


At Digital Marketing Brisbane, we work closely with our clients to focus on delivering great results for our clients once they press go. We initially have a strategy session with our clients to obtain a clearer insight into the industry the business is in, their competitors and their targeted market. We are then able to determine what areas of online marketing the business need improvement and provide the most effective methods to achieve their business goal, but most importantly to overcome the competitors on the search engine rankings and get our clients more leads.


We have been working closely with our client Ezy Access Storage for the past couple of months. While their digital marketing efforts were failing, their competitors were capturing a larger piece of the market everyday. It was time for Muscle Media to turn that around by improving their website development, capturing new leads and on page and off page SEO, which will eventually increase Ezy Access Storage Google ranking.


  • Web Design

Muscle Media redesigned redeveloped a new website for Ezy Access Storage as they had not enhanced their existing website for over 5 years and was lagging on conversion. Muscle Media researched current relevant keywords and implemented them into the new website for optimum conversion. Muscle Media redesigned and introduced a new theme, created new pages and imagery, enhanced the lead capture, created landing pages for conversion, created consistent branding and added a payment option.


  • SEO

They had little SEO previously and were on the second page of Google when the keyword groups were searched. Their SEO strategy was not ideal for their industry in a local marketplace. Muscle Media did on page and off page SEO such as link building, keyword optimization, directory listings and Google map optimization.


Our Results:


  • At present with the help of Muscle Media, E zy Access Storage is receiving over 100 inbound enquiries, which is an improvement of 24.3%.
  • Through SEO optimization, their AdWords cost per conversion decreased from $78.20 down to $33.04.
  • Our client is now ranked number one on Google for the largest broad search Self Storage Toowoomba.
  • On Google Maps when the broad search is entered
  • Phone enquiry has increases by 21.8%
  • New client conversion increased from 23.3% to 39%

Thanks to our ongoing internet marketing through SEO and Web development work, the website still sits at number one on Google. The success of achieving this for Ezy Access Storage is due to us working closely with our client and overtime made adjustments and improvements to go up against their competitors and directly target customers.


Not bad results hey? If you would like us to achieve these kinds of results for your business just get in touch so we can help you with your digital marketing today.

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